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Corn Xpress...

A Vending Machine For Grain

Instead of selling corn and other grain to an elevator, grain producers may want to consider selling it direct — without ever meeting their customers. Corn Xpress™ is an agricultural vending machine open 24/7 to the public that accepts cash or credit/debit cards.

A trio of Mississippi medical professionals with a passion for the outdoors and hunting developed the idea. It started at a “think tank” session while Dr. James Hall and Chip Chisholm were working. Chip, a registered nurse and avid deer hunter, said it would be handy to have a vending machine for corn. In 2011, the partners hired an engineer to design the grain dispensers. Medical sales representative, Dan Barnes, joined the partnership and added his organizational and marketing skills.

“Our user-friendly units store and dispense fresh agricultural products and sell on demand without an attendant,” Hall says. “We are a manufacturing business selling the Corn Xpress vending machines as distributorships. Buyers own the machine and set the price based on the market."  Unlike other options for grain buyers, with the Corn Xpress, a hunter can purchase feed 24/7, at their own convenience.


Because there is no middleman, prices can be set very competitively for grain buyers in their choice of 50, 100, 350, etc. pound (lb) containers. Just a standard 120 AC volt plug is required to run the Corn Xpress dispenser, so it can be set up right on a farm or at a high traffic location such as a convenience or co-op store.  

Hall notes that Corn Xpress can also dispense other grains, protein pellets and even rock salt, making it ideal for anyone interested in setting up a business.


Corn Xpress units have been set up in multiple states across the country, and the partners are ready to team up with more entrepreneurs.

“We’re streamlining the corn industry, making access to grain more convenient,” Hall says.

For more information, contact Dan Barnes at 601-573-9784.

The Corn Xpress TEAM
Dan Barnes

Growing up in Byram, MS, Dan is a lifelong friend of Chip’s attending the same school and church. A

current resident of Madison, MS, he is blessed with his two daughers-Mary Michael and Avery.

Fortunately, they both share their dad’s love of the outdoors and are on the road to becoming hunters

themselves. Dan’s medical sales career built a talent in marketing and organizational skills which has

allowed him to utilize towards his passion of building Corn Xpress. Although his love is duck hunting,

he’s in the woods during dove, goose, turkey, and of course deer season.

Chip Chisholm

Chip, a registered nurse for 20 years, grew up hunting and fishing -- especially at his favorite place, Davis Island -- for more than 30 years. His experience with and love of wildlife gave him the inspiration that eventually became Corn Xpress. Chip is teaching his beautiful 7-year-old daughter Emily to share his love of the outdoors and, when it comes to business, he considers himself blessed to be surrounded with smart people. Today, Corn Xpress allows Chip the rare opportunity to combine his professional life with his lifelong passion.

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