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One Word:


CONVENIENT for the owner

Low Up-Front Costs

High Long-Term Profitability

Immediate Cash Flow

No Limit to Income Potential

Product is Dispensed On-Site by the Machine

Works for you 24/7 without Employees

Low Maintenance & Operating Costs

CONVENIENT for the consumer

It’s Fresh, Providing Unmatched Quality

Less Expensive Than Bagged Agricultural Products

It’s Available 24/7 – When You Want to Buy It

No Waiting in Line

Easy to Use

It’s Safe

Agricultural Products Are Dispensed Automatically

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Stuttgart, AR
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Corn xpress Design

Low Utility Cost

Corn Xpress machines utilize little electricity, lowering monthly utility costs and improving ROI

Plug and Play Electronics

Very serviceable design, very easy to service and replace any components since they simply unbolt and unplug. No electrician required.

Heavy Duty Steel Design

Corn Xpress’ heavy duty powder coated steel frame and housing will provide many years of service life, improving your investment.

Heavy Duty Poly Dome

Corn Xpress’ heavy duty poly dome allows the product to be safe from the weather and elements, providing many years of service life.

Heavy Duty Components

Corn Xpress’ heavy duty motor and auger are reliable components that have been utilized in farming practices for many years.

Multiple Choices

Corn Xpress units have the ability to utilize many different options for dispensing product. 50, 100, 350 pounds (lbs) are the most popular options.

Automatic Dispensing

Product is automatically dispensed into customer’s container. Customer has the option to utilize any container needed to transport product. Just push the button and the product is ready to go!

Multiple Sizes

Corn Xpress offers several different models to choose from. This allows you to choose the size that fits your needs. All machines are 8.5ft in diameter:

  • Small - 176 bushels (12.6ft tall)

  • Medium - 260 bushels (16.0ft tall)

  • Large - 340 bushels (19.6ft tall)

Mobile Units
Corn Xpress Mobile Units eliminates the need for a concrete slab and an auger truck, seed tender, gravity wagon, bottom-dump trailer with mobile auger, etc. for refilling with product. The Corn Xpress Mobile Unit can simply be transported for refilling. Allows the owner to transport the Corn Xpress mobile unit to rodeos, equestrian events, and other prime locations easily and efficiently.

  • 176 bushel hopper attached to 20ft trailer

  • Multiple options (led lights, railing, etc are available upon customer request)

The Corn Xpress Mobile Unit


Ease Of Installation


Company Advantages

While having a great design is important, having a strong business partner is critical. When you buy a corn vending machine, you are not just buying a machine – you are entering into a long-term partnership. At Corn Xpress, that’s just how we see it. You are our partner, and as a business partner, we want to make sure that we do everything possible to make your experience and investment as pleasurable and profitable as possible.

Sales Support Whether you need advice on a location, help developing a site lease, or drawings for a permit, our trained sales consultants will help you through the process of researching and buying a corn vending machine – from start to finish.

After Sale SupportAfter your machine is delivered, Corn Xpress will answer any questions and be there to assist you in growing your business. Our trained staff of service professionals will answer any question you have regarding your machine. If you need a service part, Corn Xpress staff is ready to take your call. With a large inventory of parts and maintenance items, we will have the part you need when you need it.


Maintenance SupportCorn Xpress can do a full maintenance check on your machine. Maintenance is critical to ensuring you get the full life out of your corn machine and components, and will help keep your unit running smoothly. If you prefer to do the maintenance yourself, we will train you on how to do it and provide you with a check list to make sure that it is done properly.

With Corn Xpress, not only do you buy into a great business opportunity, you'll have a partner that cares about your success!

Company Advantages

Frequently asked questions

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